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As we continue our discussion on aging. For the majority, aging is something that they are waiting for and ready to accept. And there are those, despite having the same knowledge about aging. Refuse to go quietly! Their attitude is to maintain a good quality of, and or lengthen their life. First, lets better understand,  WHY and HOW we age, in order to get a better handle on slowing it down, DRAMATICALLY! The human body regresses on a cellular level. Much like the elements and oxidation have a decaying effect on metal. Eventually, rust eats away the good metal. Like rust, the by-product of the processing of food into energy and other body functions is, oxidative stress and inflammation, the eating away, so to speak, of the cell. Leading to aging, disease, illness and death! The telomere, the part of the cell that keeps you young, is the KEY to slowing down the aging process. Telomere lengthening is youth, whereas, shortening is aging. So, by preserving the good condition of the cell, primarily the telomere, you can succeed in the fight to live. Next week I’ll share some tips on how to do that. ITSVERYSIMPLE. V454

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