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At this point we can conclude, that we age and break down, simply because our cells age and break down. Naturally, all we agree. We humans will NEVER stop the aging process. However, we humans CAN, slow it down. Even dramatically! In the recent few years, health related studies have increased, due to aging and by what I call, negative lifestyle deaths. So, by understanding more about how we age, science has also learned what can slow it down or preserve it better. It’s centered around the controlling of cell oxidation and inflammation (damaging), preserving the length and condition of the teleomere (growth/condition) and increasing the amount of mitochondria (powerhouse/battery) in the cell. Results show, it can be yours by proper supplementation and moderate/intense exercise! The more effective the supplement, means less damage to the cell. The more intense the training, means more mitochondria and longer telomeres This equals a younger, stronger cell. Thus, a younger, stronger you! Want to live a longer/better life? The Nebraska Athletic Club has both. ITSVERYSIMPLE! V454

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