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I’ve always love the phrase, ‘Who really is the hero.The person who puts out forest fires or the person who PREVENTS forest fires?’ Prevention of anything is always the less evasive and is a proactive way to benefit all concerned. Annual blood testing is an excellent way, when working with your doctor, to head disorders and illnesses from low sex drive to cancers! And, the older you get. The more important it becomes. With a blood test. Your doctor can evaluate organ function, diagnose an illness and detect silent warning signals of potential health risks. And today, you don’t even need a doctor visit! There are facilities like, Pathology Services at 500 West Leota, where you can stop in like McDonald’s and get a test of your choice at a minimal cost. They even give you a menu to choose from. Illnesses and disease can be successfully treatable when caught early. So, be a fire preventer. Catch that inFLAMEation in your body, before it becomes a health inferno! Get a blood test. ITSVERYSIMPLE V454

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