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Improving our quality of life was one of the top ten new years resolutions for 2017. There is one area of every one’s life, young and old, that will be very difficult to control, even though it’s so detrimental to mental and physical health! Numerous studies have revealed, that regular daily surfing on social media, specifically Facebook, negatively affects our feeling’s of well being and could lead to depression, anxiety, envy, low self esteem or self worth, sleeplessness and rumination (focusing on the symptoms of your distress and not the positive solutions). Studies show, viewing others in a better situation, or the cool thing’s that they have, or place’s that they are going. People, as a result of their lack of such thing’s, for themselves, or their families, tend to envy, or feel bad or worthless due to not having the same thing’s in their life leading the affects mentioned above. Although, there are those who do get positive result’s, most don’t. If this is you. Consider getting off now! Studies also show that it WILL  improve your health. ITSVERYSIMPLE. V

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