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Infrared heat is safe for the entire family. It is the healing rays of the sun. Indians first used this technology in their “sweat lodges.” Infrared heats object, not the air. Our heaters produce infrared that is SAFE for the human body. There are NO ultraviolet rays that have been  associated with suntans and skin cancer. Please see the analysis of sweat in the paragraph below this statement. Our bodies absorb infrared from the sun and emit the same infrared back out of the body. This type of heat also helps with the light deprivation in the winter. This is the same heat used in hospital incubators to keep premature babies warm.

Whole Body/Nervous System Balancing System

  • Reports indicate it may rebalance the body to reduce symptoms such as.; fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, constipation, headaches and blood-pressure problems.
  • Most revolutionary way to boost vitality!
  • Research indicates it may rebalance the nervous system that runs your organs!

   Eliminate Harmful Substances!

  • 3 times more sweat in Health System Sauna than possible in conventional hot air saunas and 3-7 times more non-water components in sweat than in sweat from regular exercise or hot-air saunas.
  • 9-20 times greater detoxification of heavy metals, including lead, aluminum, cadmium, silver, mercury and fat-­soluble organic toxins than possible in conventional saunas.
  • Avoids the many undesirable side-effects of conventional detox approaches such as nausea, fatigue, body odor, etc., due to the direct elimination of toxins through the skin in an Infrared Health System Sauna.
  • Effective relief for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain.