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Spring/summer to summer/fall. There’s one common denominator of activity in pretty much all cultures, all locations, for all reasons. That’s, barbecue grilling! It’s rare to find someone who does not really enjoy a good BBQ. That being said. There has been some talk about the association of grilling and the risks of cancer. Research yes, has found links with grilling, roasting and smoking meats at HIGH temperatures. It’s found that cooking meats at high temperature can cause chemical reactions that release harmful toxins in the meat and in the air.  Toxins like, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines to mention a few. These toxins are considered ‘carcinogenic chemicals’. You will eat them and breath them. Truthfully, I will probably not stop eating grilled meats. But I am now conscious of the risks and will counter the risks with a healthy lifestyle, food choices and proper supplementation. So, BONE-a-petite! ITSVERYSIMPLE V454

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