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As previously mentioned in past articles. There are numerous things we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Supporting a happy marriage is one. Alice and I, on May 8th, celebrated 41 years of marriage. 41 years of ups and downs, thick and thin!  Marriage is almost getting as rare as an exotic animal though. In the U.S, 40-50% of marriages end up in divorce. In Europe the rate is 60-70%. That being said. Studies show, there are more health benefits in a marriage, than being single. Married couples are generally healthier physically, mentally, emotionally. They may experience less heart and mental illnesses. And their children benefit too, mentally, emotionally, educationally and socially. So its a win, win situation for all. In conclusion. Physically, we are far from perfect. We get sore muscles, aches and pains. So, we eat right and get exercise to battle the negative effects of life. Marriage is no different. It too has it’s difficulties, but, when each member of the family exercises their role in the family arrangement. It will not be perfect – but healthy, and so will you. ITSVERYSIMPLE, V454.

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