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When it comes to ethnic foods. One of the all time favorites is probably, Mexican Food. Who does not like Mexican food. You know who like it the most? Mexicans! And one of the main reasons may be, the hot and spiciness of the dishes. Even I love a fresh, or toasted, or pickled jalapeno with a meal. Most Latinos generally make their own fresh ‘salsa’ (hot sauce) or pico de gallo. That’s how we grew up. Red, green, yellow. If you are a lover of Mexican or any other ethnic food that makes it spicy. Then you are contributing well to your OVERALL health. Hot/spicy foods get their heat from peppers. Peppers contain a compound called ‘Capaicin’. Studies have found a link between consumption of such foods and a reduced risks of death by ALL causes 13%! It’s also a good anti-inflammatory and great for weight loss, to mention a few. So, if your a regular. Good for you. If your thinking of giving it a try. Use caution. It can also cause some irritations, so don’t go in too HOT! ITSVERYSIMPLE. V454

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