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Where would life be without our sewer system or trash removal. That type of build up could be anywhere from vary uncomfortable to deadly.  Understandingly, anytime there is a energy producing function, be it ecologically or biologically. There will be waste. Our unique, wonderful body has a waste removal function, called the Lymphatic System. It’s a network of glands, organs and nodes. Similar to the digestive system. It works as part of the immune system, it rids the body, primarily the blood, of toxins and other waste material chemically, keeping us healthy and happy. But, when it becomes slow or plugged up. The results can vary from a cold to cancer. How do we keep it functioning properly? Don’t laugh. But, jumping up and down or hanging up-side down are very effective. Then there is the usual. Eat raw and stay hydrated much as possible. You see, the Lymph System does not have a pump, like the heart for our circulatory system. So, I guess you just have to do it manually. ITSVERYSIMPLE V454

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