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I really appreciate it, when people tell me how much they enjoy my topics on the radio and this periodical. Preparing has taught me so much. Example. The design of life. It is so greatly amazing and fascinating! Both in plants and humans. Which are designed to harmoniously contribute to each others existence. We breath in oxygen from plants and breath out carbon dioxide that they take in. And the cycle goes on. We both have internal clocks. During the day, all are alive and thriving. And at night. Both continue to thrive at a different rates, amounts and functions. Plants during the day, use photosynthesis to covert light into food and is stored. At night, when there is no light,  they systematically calculate food absorption to last till dawn, when the cycle starts over again. Humans have their Circadian internal clock. The biological processing of sleep, blood pressure, body temperature and hormonal flow during a 24 hour cycle period. Contributing to optimal health. It’s amazing and ITSVERYSIMPLE! V454

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