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Everyone that knows TommyV, knows I like to talk! I like quotes, rhyming and positive sayings. Like ; ‘454baby’ or ‘ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.’ Any way, I recently came up with a new. One that I unknowingly have lived by for years. But, have now fully realized and will live by, promote and help others to live by if they choose to seek my help! ‘I REFUSE TO GET OLD.’ ‘I REFUSE TO GET OLD.’ Enough studies have been made to support that, the anti-aging process works! Yes, through proper supplementation, food consumption and training. An individual can literal slow down, if not reverse the aging process. And naturally, results can be reaped in preventing some illnesses along the way. In the following articles. I will share some very simple tips with you. I am going on 61, feeling like 31! ITSVERYSIMPLE. V454

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