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Here in the U.S., to create some awareness for health and safety of the public, every month of the year is designated ” National Blank Awareness Month.’ I think I like MAY the best. It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. That’s what I do. But, I prefer to call it, National Get of Your A.. Month. Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but, to them it’s too hard to get started or continue a healthier lifestyle. Going to be straight up with you. Many times I run into someone and instead of saying hi, how ya been. They start giving me all their reason for NOT being at the gym or exercising period! The problem is the BUTT! They reiterate, ‘I was goina BUTT, I woulda BUTT, I coulda BUTT. Well damn, if you are at all concerned with your life then, …. just get off your BUTT! ITSVERYSIMPLE V454

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