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Everyone know by now the benefits of exercise and  fitness training. And science is finding out more and more, that their is need to increase the intensity for better results. And I am all about that! Cause that’s what I do. I don’t just show people how to exercise. I show them how to train insanely! And some people do fine on their own. However, here is something important for all of to keep in mind. The RECOVERY TIME! After a training session. The body has used up it’s nutritional resources and could be vulnerable and is in very much need for replenish. Training causes breakdown of muscle tissue which is part of the growth process. But, it also causes physiological stress on the body, straining the immune system at the same time! Studies show, the higher the intensity, the higher the risks. Therefore, to increase the muscle growth, immediately consume protein. To replenish the immune system, consume carbs. Recovery time is very essential in physical development and good health. Use it to your benefit. ITSVERYSIMPLE. V454

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