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Today, we live in some very dangerous times. Even in the rural communities there is need for caution! North Platte may be a example of this. In a recent study of the Safest Cities in Nebraska. North Platte ranked 24th next to Omaha at 25th at the bottom of the list. The study was based on violent crimes, property crimes and total crimes per ca pita. So, here are a few tips to consider no matter where you are!  #1 If close enough to an attacker. Use the elbow. It’s the strongest part of the body. #2 When commanded to give up your wallet. Throw it down and away and run. Hopefully the money is their motive. #3 Always use the elevator vs the stairs. #4 When getting into your car (women). First check your surroundings. When you get in. Don’t dally. Lock the door and leave immediately. Use caution at ALL TIMES! ITSVERYSIMPLE.V454

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