When it comes to health and fitness

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When it comes to health and fitness. We always here about the usual. High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer. There is however, an illness that affects many and is rarely discussed. An estimated 20 million Americans have a form of thyroid disorder. 60% are unaware. Women are up to 8x’s more likely to have it than men and 1 in 8 women will develop the disorder in their lifetime. The thyroid is part of the bodies endocrine system. Along with other glands in the brain, they secrete hormones to promote growth, emotions, metabolism and regulate body temperature, etc. When it’s in a “hyper state (overactive), you lose weight and other uncomfortable symptoms. When it’s in a “hypo’ state (underactive), you may gain weight plus the other uncomfortable symptoms. Remedies? Medication, surgery, radioactive iodine or exercise. Exercise stimulates metabolism and metabolism stimulates the thyroid. So, if you feel your body is out of balance. Check the thyroid! ITSVERYSIMPLE V454

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