The Nebraska Athletic Club and it’s staff, through nutritional education, effective supplements and fitness programs, are determined to work together with its members to REVERSE or PREVENT life style diseases that plague society that are caused by improper eating, substance abuse and the lack of exercise, included also are those who are desiring to enhance their athletic performances as well.  This to the full benefit and enjoyment of all it’s members.


~Tommy V & Amber


Although the Nebraska Athletic Club started in 1997, the Vieyra family have been working together for many years. Tommy and Alice learned from experience that the best thing you can do for your children is to encourage them to work! The Vieyra’s have been doing just that since Amber and Aaron continue to excel in their prospective fields with various certifications in fitness, health and protective services.

Tommy and Alice started dating each other at age thirteen in 1969. Tommy was a Nebraska State Champion in gymnastics and Alice reigned as Homecoming Queen and star track sprinter. Together they obtained a collection of awards, medals and records of sports achievements.  Nebraska Athletic Club full service fitness training center North Platte Nebraska.

Now as a family, the V’s have made a great impact on the North Platte community in health and fitness. Starting with a few hundred members, they have grown to a few thousand and continue to grow. This steady growth prompted the purchase of their new 8,000 square foot building in July of 2002.

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Grand Re-Opening

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